Chair’s Update To Members – July 2013

1) St Mary’s Road Allotments

The works in the composting area are almost complete. Posts and pallets have been erected to form a sturdy framework for the manure from Mr. Mettrick’s yard. Four bays have been constructed. We now need to move the manure from two of the bays to completely fill two bays. We can then resume manure dumping in the remaining two bays whilst the existing manure rots down. We can then continue a cycle of use that will ensure a supply of well rotted compost is available for all. The old bays will shortly be reconstructed for use with green waste. Please would you use these new bays only for green waste and ensure that you chop the green waste as finely as you can to speed composting? We are also planning to use a bath to make large quantities of Nettle Tea and Comfrey liquid for use as a fertilizer.

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