Glossopdale Action for Allotments (GAFA) was set up as an activist group in July 2008 to address the large shortfall in local allotments.  A petition with 483 signatures for more allotments was submitted to High Peak Borough Council in November 2008.  Since then GAFA has been negotiating with the Council “to provide an adequate number of allotments for the people of Glossopdale”, which is the key aim of the group.

GAFA has opted to self-manage allotments on behalf of High Peak Borough Council and in April 2012, it opened a small new site at St Mary’s Road, Glossop with nine allotments and a plot-sharing scheme allowing about 25 people to share these plots.

GAFA has worked with the Council to produce an Allotment Strategy that will deliver the number of plots required; after 2 years of negotiations, this strategy is almost complete.  GAFA anticipates that the stategy will deliver a minimum additional 150 half-standard size (125sq.metres per plot) allotments by spring 2015.

GAFA keeps a single waiting list for all sites that it manages or will manage in the future. This allows members to choose a suitably located allotment when vacancies arise.  See the section on “How to Join us” for more information.